Returning Home, The Future of Work

Officing with my dad

Returning Home, The Future of Work
Photo by berenice melis / Unsplash

For a long time, my dad has worked out of a small, one-room office five minutes away from my childhood home here in Denver. But then earlier this year, they notified all the tenants that the building would be torn down to construct something taller, with glass windows and higher prices.

My dad began his search for a new place, finding a two-room office not far away, and shortly thereafter, he extended an invitation for me to join him. I would have one room where I would do whatever I do next; he, the other to continue doing his real estate and law work, and we, together, would be co-workers for the first time: Benitez & Benitez.

For the last few weeks, we’ve started to move in: making joint decisions about everything from furniture to cold brew, and it’s never been more fun to discover that sometimes a move towards the future of work is a move that brings you home, returning you to the people who have been with you all along.