On My Next Step

I am joining Ezra Climate

On My Next Step
Photo by Karsten Würth / Unsplash

I spent the majority of my sabbatical thinking about our planet and my relationship to it. I walked in the old growth forests of the pacific northwest. I listened to the alpine birds in the early morning outside my tent in Colorado. I talked to experts in climate tech, followed the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, and did research into carbon markets. Through it all, a conviction began to form that I wanted to dedicate my next professional step to building a healthier planet.

That’s why I am joining Ezra Climate, a company that builds fintech companies and platforms that accelerate the deployment of capital into climate solutions. The transition from fossil-fuels to clean energy is considered by many to be the next industrial revolution. The scale and speed of this revolution will depend on financial infrastructure—from fintech software to financial products to investment vehicles—that enables climate technologies like solar, wind, and battery storage to gain widespread adoption.

I’ve joined as their Head of Venture Development, which means I’ll be responsible for the early stages of researching, scouting, ideating, and prototyping early-stage venture concepts. Unlike Uncharted, where we sourced exceptional entrepreneurs who were already leading existing companies, Ezra builds de novo fintech companies. This means we’re launching only a small handful of new companies each year, capitalizing them through their early life cycle, and then building management teams to take them to scale. It’s an exceptional team, and I’m honored to join. If you want to follow along, sign up for the monthly Ezra Digest at the bottom of the page (curated by yours truly).