On my next professional chapter

Exploring new horizons

On my next professional chapter
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

After 18 months on the Ezra Climate team, I am resigning so I can carve out time to determine my next professional step. I love the Ezra team and have become a believer in Ezra’s work to accelerate the decarbonization of our world by leveraging fintech tools and financial vehicles. But over the last few months I’ve noticed a tug deep within me to explore new horizons, and I’m going to be spending dedicated time in three areas:

  1. Decarbonizing the built environment and commercial real estate. The tectonic plates in the commercial real estate market are shifting: high interest rates, downward trends in occupancy related to remote work, affordable climate technologies, the evolution of urban centers across the country. It’s a unique moment to explore the relationship between the built environment, placemaking, and climate tech.
  2. Buying and selling climate-focused main street businesses: I’ve been fascinated by the cash-flowing “boring businesses” on the front lines of the climate transition. From electricians to HVAC to light manufacturing, there are thousands of small businesses that are doing the heavy lifting of the energy transition. I’m curious about entrepreneurship-through-acquisition and the possibility of a climate-focused micro-PE fund aimed at main street businesses.
  3. Battery recycling: As we electrify everything, we’re technologizing everything, and as we technologize everything, we’re increasingly powering everything with batteries. But where will all the batteries go once their performance slips? I’m curious to explore opportunities up and down the battery value chain.